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    Why use Google AdWords?

    Google being the biggest search engine in the world, is one of the biggest platforms for online marketing. It provides businesses cost-effective advertising solutions that if used correctly, can gain your website a lot of traffic. Our team has a wealth of experience with using google to achieve the advertising goals you set.

    Get the most out of your money with Leads Gen SEO

    Our team carefully studies your business to understand its needs and the type of audience that you are trying to target. Once we have done enough research on the target audience, we then carefully select keywords and optimize them so that we attract visitors who are most likely to convert to customers.

    What is Google AdWords?

    Google AdWords is a cost-effective advertising solution that works in the form of bids. Essentially you bid for a certain keyword and when the keyword is searched for, the business with the highest but also relevant bid shows its ad at the top of the search listings.

    Advertise smart with our help

    This means that well-optimized keywords can even outperform higher bids, our team takes advantage of that and ensures that your business will outperform its competitors without having to spend the most money. We analyse and optimize your Google AdWords so that they will attract the right people and grow your online presence.

    Is Google AdWords worth it for a small business?

    Google AdWords is extremely effective for small businesses as it provides results to not only the highest bidder, but also the most relevant. Our team of experienced professionals will ensure that your business will get the best results for your AdWords so that your business can flourish online.

    Make the most of Digital Marketing

    As a small business, it is possible to target audiences accurately and give your business the boost it needs to grow into the scale that you need. Google AdWords is very cost-effective and will help you gain a lot more traction to your business. Having your ads show at the top of the search engine will also bring your business credibility so you can be sure that Google AdWords will be worth it for your business.

    Are Google AdWords expensive?

    When done right, Google AdWords can be extremely cost-effective. Lucky for you, our agency knows Google and its metrics best. We study your business and its needs so that we can accurately target the best audience to bring your business the attention it requires to become profitable.


    How to outdo your competition?

    Google AdWords allows smaller bids to win if they are considered to be more relevant than higher ones, this means that you can optimize your keyword selection in order to outperform higher bids and get better results for a lesser amount. We take advantage of this to ensure that your campaigns don’t need to have a higher bid but a smarter one.

    Why work with our Google Ads team?

    We pride ourselves for our capability to provide cost-effective results using Google AdWords. You can trust in our ability to deliver the results you need while still staying within your budget.

    Are Google AdWords successful?

    Google AdWords can be extremely successful when used right, correct selection of keywords and optimizing your bid amounts will ensure that your business will have a successful Google AdWords campaign. Since Google Ads show up at the top of the search engine listings, having your business website show up will also help build its credibility.

    Let our experts do the heavy lifting for you

    Our team of analysts will ensure that your Campaign is well optimized and your business gets the results it needs from the platform. Careful selection of keywords and bidding amounts will help us target the correct audience to give your business the traffic it needs.

    How long does Google AdWords take to start performing?

    Google AdWords gets more successful the longer you keep them running, having a consistent ad campaign over a period of a year will be much more effective than having an intensive campaign for a single month. The process of refining your campaigns is more of an art than a science and it will come easier with time.

    How long does it take for Google Ads to work?

    Your Google Ad account can be set up in a matter of a couple of hours and even have ads running, but in order to get the most out of google ad campaigning, it is needed to run ads continuously while making slight changes to the keywords and bidding amounts to optimize the campaigns for your business.

    When do I stop using Google AdWords?

    In our experience, advertising is an ongoing process that has no end. It's a matter of continuously investing in spreading awareness of your brand in order to attract more customers. Google Ads is much the same, where the campaigns must be optimized over and over again until it balances performance cost-effectively.

    Is it better to have a long or a short term campaign?

    Having a consistent campaign over a long period of time will give your brand the attention it needs. Our team will handle all of the optimizing and research needed to ensure the success of your ad campaigns. We are well-versed with google and its metrics, you can trust in us to deliver the results you need.

    Google Ads Management Services

    Learn about our comprehensive Google Ads Management Services

    Google Ads formerly known as AdWords is one of the most effective paid search programs on the Internet to drive qualified pay-per-click (PPC) advertising that can improve your lead traffic and generate a huge ROI. Google Ads are more than capable of generating new business on a continuing basis on the Internet. They help to display your ad on the topmost portion of the SERP inducing brand visibility and awareness to your brand which paves way for high revenue and turnover. 

    Allow Google Ads to solve your businesses problems

    It's challenging to get top visibility in competitive markets like Google while also efficiently managing your monthly ad spend. At times like this, a google ads management can do wonders for your business that you didn’t know of. A successful PPC campaign requires attentive ongoing management to achieve optimal results. 

    How we work with Google Ads

    Our Google Ads management services are designed to zero in on your target customers and employ strategies that maximize ROI, reduce waste, and ensure that your ad budget is directed toward only the highest performing keywords and campaigns. Google Ads also has the concept of a quality score by which it ranks the ads by using AdRank. Google displays our ads according to the keywords with which it was searched and by the AdRank it earned on Google’s site by Google. 

    We have the best strategies to work with PPC Ads and save you money

    A PPC ad campaign can be risky and could quickly result in a loss if the bidding amounts goes out of hands with the budget. A good google ads management agency will help you to not lose money and at the same time, put your ads on the first page of the search results where everybody can see them.

    How can Google Ads add to your business?

    By adopting Google Ads for your business, a google ads management can help you to increase your revenue by increasing your brand awareness. For your Google Ads management to succeed, you need a management which treats their clients and their business with respect and an honest intent to do well. You will need a manager who can put their heads into a challenge and come with a promising solution. The most important criteria for Google Ads management is that they are experienced and certified. And we have just that.

    Google Ads

    Allow the marketing professionals to handle your Ads

    At Leads Gen SEO, we work for our clients satisfaction and we are always thrilled about new ways to cope up with new challenges. The Internet is a space of constant change and energy towards various different things. With the constantly changing demographics of the field, you will need a google management agency who can be fast in coming up with solutions and stay updated about the new trends and algorithm changes in the Internet.

    What can Leads Gen SEO do for your business?

    Leads Gen SEO is a dedicated digital marketing agency who are very customer-centric in their process. We are very transparent with our clients and we keep them on the loop about their digital online presence and the progress in it. We are a 5 star accredited, certified and recommended by Yelp, Google and so on. We have experience with almost all the fields of work play in the world and we are looking forward to new challenges and bring up new solutions and expand our marketing game. 

    Contact us for your marketing needs!

    Contact us today for any queries and we would love to hear from you and guide you through all of the digital marketing process especially, Google Ads. Google Ads is a complicated and tricky subject which by design is simple to make, but when it comes to taking the ad to people’s vicinity of reach, it takes a tricky turn and that is why it is necessary that every entrepreneur has a third party agency as their marketing ally for difficult times. Contact us today!

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